Here is my gameplan in working on this blog.  I would love feedback on these characters or suggestions for other characters that might be considered through this lens. 

Hal/Henry (Henry V):  The great military leader

Iago (Othello):  The machiavel.  Iago has a facility with language which he uses to vicious effect.  He talks more than any other Shakespeare character and he does it very well.  Do you think you could convince a decent man to kill his innocent wife? 

Viola (Twefth Night):  The advisor.  A woman’s path to leadership in a male society.  Viola is intelligent, and perhaps even more importantly, she learns as she goes.  She adapts.   Why is she so good at what she does? 

Lady Macbeth (Macbeth):  The ambitious wife.  Leadership is not all about praise and subtlelty.  Sometimes you just have to find out how much blood the old man really has in him after all. 

Isabella (Measure for Measure):  The scold.    Isabella offers some of the most beautiful and ineffective arguments in WS’s works.  Why does she fail as a leader of men?