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In his book “Jack Welch on Leadership” the former Chairman of GE writes:

“Of course sometimes there are good reasons to be down.  The economy is bad, competition is brutal — whatever.  Work can be hard.  But your job as leader is to fight the gravitational pull of negativism.  That doesn’t mean you sugarcoat the challenges your team faces.  It does mean you display an energizing, can-do attitude about overcoming them.” 

Welch and Hal are clearly on the same page.  In The Band of Brothers speech, Hal is faced with just this sort of negativism.  Westmoreland is complaining, lamenting the men they could have had.  Hal acknowledges the challenge and establishes the positive of victory, and does so in an energetic manner. 

As a bit of a sidebar, Welch continues:

“It means you get out of your office and into everyone’s skin, really caring about what they’re doing and how they’re faring as you take the hill together.” 

Obviously, Hal establishes the together part quite well (“band of brothers”) but the part about getting out of the office also resonates.  Remember Hal walking around the camp the night before the big battle.  Leadership by walking around (in a cloak… acting like you are not the king…)